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Created 2017-12-22
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Title Get swtor credit with 9% off for Christmas from Dec.18-Dec.25
Description In 2015, the developers announced that they “wanted to return to [their] BioWare roots and bring to the forefront what has always made Star Wars: The Old Republic great, which is story.” Of course, this meant wiping the slate clean and creating a story where you practically had to rebuild your character from scratch.By the way,That's a good time that you can share cheap swtor credits on Swtor2credits.

SWTOR right now
With Valkorion gone from the galaxy, it appears that the everyone is set on taking down the next greatest power: you. Some have chosen to try to side with you while secretly waiting for a moment to stab you in the back, while others have openly turned against you.

I am suspicious of BioWare Austin’s storytelling prowess at this point, but I remain hopeful. I don’t think anyone at BioWare Austin is individually a bad storyteller, but it appears that after six years, resources are beginning to run thin.

I really do hope that SWTOR finds a third wind and continues for many years to come. The current configuration of developers are the most community-minded, and I believe they have the talent to produce some interesting and exciting content. And join for cheap SWTOR credits.

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