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Created 2017-12-26
Owner rs3gold
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Title Up to 9% off cheapest rs 3 gold on Rs3gold for New Year from Dec.22-Jan.2
Description We came across a very interesting post recently over on the official Runescape forums where a player is having a bit of a nightmare in regards to their beach tokens. We found this to be a fascinating story and wanted to share it with you.And if you are looking to buy rs3 gold you have come to the right place as Rs3gold have some great deals going on over the holiday season.

The player clearly was not hacked as they surely would have had everything cleaned out. They clearly did not "lose" them as we do not even think that is possible. So what on earth happened here? The easy answer has to be it is just a bug and in passing the beach tokens to their alt, something clearly went wrong and the tokens just vanished!

We do not think there is anything bad happening here or that Jagex is at fault (although they could have stepped in and tried to fix it a little better) it seems like a freak bug that may never happen again, but it certainly got people talking over at the forums.

Hearing weird stories like this is a huge part of what makes the world of Runescape so much fun.

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