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Category Customs
Created 2013-07-17
Owner catherine
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Title couplets
Description To celebrate the Chinese New Year and paste couplets called couplets. Couplets traditions of our people. One to the annual Spring Festival, every household in a variety of couplets pasted on the door, to add a festive holiday colors. Couplet is divided into two linked and Streamer, up and down the two together can not mislabeled, if Streamer is from right to left, the joint should be attached to the right side, and vice versa on the joint is attached to the left. Chinese New Year began, the first thing is to stick goalkeeper, couplets. God is able to Buffy goalkeeper, couplet is to pray, decoration. Whenever New Year's Eve day (or twenty-nine), took to the streets every household purchase couplets, someone their own writing, the house decorated inside and festivity.

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