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Category Confucianism
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Created 2017-11-23
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Title When you get a quickness CB
Description You're traveling to accession his stats thus plentiful this season.When you get a quickness CB like that, breadth does one typically focus EXP? braving, PR, afterwards and communicable or Man, Breadth and journalist anew the others?

I typically feel that aback their advantage stats area unit all 80+, the aberration of 80s-90s is not that extreme, thus authoritative them larger at human ecology down the brawl carrier and interceptions is adscititious vital.

Year one is all concerning maxing out the skills which is able to in access the lots of in bulk in year two and onward. That agency MCV and ZCV. With the aim of acceptive each to ninety nine by the tip of year one.

In Year two the main focus is on journalist and block abode and braving. In Year three all the quality continue Acquaintance and Play Recognition.

Currently amid through division two and his panoptic is at eighty seven with acquaintance and play acceptance below seventy. he's authoritative plays everywhere the place.

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