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Purple is good art in our country, has a profound cultural background, as a contemporary master Mr BaoZhiJiang through their life experience, from different angles using the cheonan, the Forbidden City, the red flag as the architectural language, USES the painting language records the history of the republic "founding ceremony" moment, difficult royal gold process (plated with gold, paint, gold), further reflects the connotation of purple sand culture, let more people benefit from the beauty of purple clay.

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Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea,with a long history as early as the year 1828, has become a popular healthy drink shared by Chinese people all over the world. It is elaborated scientifically from 10 different varieties of Chinese herbs and it is packed with an aseptic Tetra Pak from Tetra Brik Brand, keeping it free from any preservative.Easy to drink maintaining its special taste,making it more enjoyable.

王老吉凉茶(Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea)

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Longjing Tea is most famous for its unique fragrance and flavor; flat, slender strips of tea leaves in bright green liquid. Furthermore, Longjing tea aids one's health in many ways regardless of your age. It is used to deter food poisoning, refresh the body, stop cavities, fight viruses, control high blood pressure, lower the blood sugar level, and to prevent cancer. Hence, Longjing tea is regarded as the elixir for health and is widely sold and accepted all over the world.


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Nearly long since tea was always confused how some famous question absentminded, do not know what to do. Today, according to the fall, early in the morning, his mind on the question: how can we improve exposure rate, raise awareness, increase the reputation it? In fact, every day want this issue to bed dreaming would think that writing writing in general, this is no little advantage, and get out without quality, but that more harm than good, because I see my friends posts if you did not feel the quality, I was very angry. Tea always wanted to learn Miaotai Xia altar several other expert, he saw a glass of water can be written, handy, really five body cast ah, extremely impressed, every day yield, much worse.

Tea think everyone has their own advantages, since it is not their long-term, do not Taimian Jiang, should play to their original environment, solid natural, green strengths, plus honest man, sincere work, certain get friends agree.
Friends, discover your strengths, strong own merits, I believe he is holding the most!

Tea, Pu'er tea is first and foremost mild stomach does not hurt the stomach. This is particularly evident on the cooked tea. Generally lightly fermented tea, tea for love people who are indeed "Unbearable Lightness" scruples, especially those of us all day drinking tea and eating unusual modern, caffeine, tannic acid under a long-term immersion, often found intestinal scraping stomach pain, I believe many people have personal experience.

Second, the tea can be fat. Many medical experiments show continued with constant of drinking tea can lower cholesterol by 30% (depending on individual to individual), the Murdoch in Créteil Seoul hospital gave 20 patients with hyperlipidemia, a day to drink three bowls of Yunnan Tuo a month later, the fat found in the blood of patients decreased by almost 1/4, while drinking tea, the same number of patients with other blood fats did not change significantly. [Bernal Professor Jia Ketuo, 巴黎亨利伦 multi-hospital]. Thus, the tea can be seen particularly beneficial aspect of the lipid.

Third, lipid lowering, and naturally also be able to bring a slimming effect. Everyday life often someone will bring tea weight loss effect is not obvious, but some people say significant effect. This contradiction comes from individual differences as well as different understanding of the degree of obesity. If you would not have high cholesterol, drinking tea is no longer hypolipidemic.
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Longjing tea is a famous Chinese green tea, has 1,200 years of history. Tea, green color, aroma, refreshing glycol. Qianlong tour, praised Longjing. Longjing green tea contain chlorophyll, amino acids, catechins, vitamin C and other ingredients than many other teas, refreshing, thirst. An antioxidant, anti-sudden mutation, anti-tumor effects. Entertain friends and family is the finest yield.


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