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Hulusi, also known as gourd Xiao Dai said, is one of Yunnan minority specific instruments. Mainly spread in western Yunnan Dai, Achang, Wa, De'ang other minority areas, are young men and women used to express love thoughts of love of musical instruments. Hulusi pronunciation beautiful, warm, slightly nasal, with melancholy rhythm, an old saying of "Caiyunzhinan charm alone, sounds linger three days without a break," gentle and delicate Hulusi good at expressing feelings, gives a hazy melancholy beauty.

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Dragon rhyme erhu is pure handmade, broke through the traditional process. Appearance USES the paint production, environmental protection, high temperature, acid and alkali proof, does not rot; The ventilation performance is good, which ensures that the pronunciation of pure nature; Original double thick cork base shape harp in use process more smoothly; Changed the piano code and string distance, make the erhu tone on the integration of the erhu timbre features.

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Guzheng is a traditional Chinese folk instruments, the shape of a rectangle. The earliest zither with 25 strings the most, the most commonly used specifications for the 1.63 m, 21-string. Treble penetrating tone, timbre Alto area solid, deep bass tones, the overall timbre and harmony. Because timbre changeable, so you can play cheerful, sad, deep and other different styles of music, loved by the people, and now there are many foreign friends learn to play zither.


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